05 July
FARCANA Airdrop / July 2024
Mars Enigma Golden Vault (Ordinals) & Mars Enigma Vault (Polygon) Holders
Remember that any tokens tied to the NFT are also transferred when you sell it. This means the new owner will receive any unclaimed rewards associated with those NFTs.
We are planning to take the snapshot for Mars Enigma Golden Vault (Ordinals) and Mars Enigma Vault (Polygon). Once the snapshot is complete, the distribution process will start automatically.
The transfer of the NFT will result in the forfeiture of the vested tokens and potential softstaking rewards.
Airdrop Claim
In order to become eligible for airdrop, you have to follow the steps below. Make sure to use MetaMask or Magic Eden to connect your wallets with your NFTs.
(We will support more wallet connections with future updates)
Participants of the airdrop event will receive their rewards on their Farcana platform wallet.
Create a Farcana platform account
Confirm your email address
Register with your wallet address that holds your Mars Enigma Vault(s)
Wait until the Airdrop date
Create platform account
Sign up for an account on our platform if you haven't already.
Sign in
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